Cemeteries in Milo



Second Milo, Part 1 (SMM)
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Hazen Milo Center (MCM)
Second Milo, Part 2 (SMM)
Not online
Terry Owen (TOM) Alexander Nichols (ANM)
Grove Mount, Part 1 (GMM)
Not online
Old Himrod (OHM) Isaac Nichols (INM)
Grove Mount, Part 2 (GMM)
Not online
Peter Brown (PBM) Raplee (RAM)
Not online
  Comer-Baker (COM)

Index to all Milo cemeteries. The three-letter codes shown in the table are used in the index to denote which burials are in each cemetery. In this index, the name from each gravestone is in regular type; the names of all others are in italics.