Cemeteries in Barrington



Bartholomew (BAB) Barrington Baptist (BBB) Chrisler family (CFB) Bennettsville
Not online
Clark family (CKB) Crane family (CRB) Finton (FNB) Knapp (KNB)
Kress (KRB) Lane family (LFB)
Not online
Loomis (LOB) Merritt family
Norris (NRB) Porter's Corners (PCB) Putnam family (PTB) Spink family (SPB)
Wolcott (WFB)

Index to all Barrington cemeteries. The three-letter codes shown in the table are used in the index to denote which burials are in each cemetery. In this index, the name from each gravestone is in regular type; the names of all others are in italics.

There is also a general index to all county burials so far on line.