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The Town of Milo and Its Records

Milo was organized in 1818 from part of the town of Benton in Ontario County, and then still included part of the modern town of Torrey. Its original boundaries included the part of the seventh township in the first range that was not part of Jerusalem, and the land east of that to Seneca Lake. It was proposed to name it Milan after the city in northern Italy, but since another town in Dutchess County had a 10-day priority to use of the name, it was changed to Milo, the provenance of which is unclear. It was one of Yates County's five original towns. 

Milo contains some excellent farmland, and is the only town to have frontage on two of the beautiful Finger Lakes. The hamlet of Milo Center was founded in 1789 by several families who came to this part of New York with the Universal Friend, thus making it the state's oldest continuously inhabited settlement west of Seneca Lake. Other hamlets persist at Himrod and Second Milo. The Outlet of Keuka Lake flows through the northern part of the town east of Penn Yan, and since it is one of the area's few reliable perennial streams it was once the focus of a thriving water-powered milling industry. The first mill in western New York was built by the Univeral Friends in 1790, and the same site was still generating electricity in 1958. 

Milo contains much of the village of Penn Yan, everything south of North Avenue and east of a line that passes just west of Lakeview Cemetery. The town hall is in the village of Penn Yan, at 140 Main Street. 

The following series of records were filmed, and (except for the Vital Records) may be viewed at the town office, at the County Historian's office, and at the New York State Library in Albany. 


1890-1972 (missing 1894, 1897, 1899-1901, 1903-7, 1913) 

1852 - 1992 

Births, deaths and marriages 1888-1913 [INDEX], Births and deaths 1872-1934, Births and deaths 1914-1919, Births 1923-1938 and deaths 1924-1933, Births 1938-1982, Births 1976-1994, Deaths 1933-1967; Deaths 1967-1989, Deaths 1976-1994, Marriages 1908-1925, Marriages 1925-1943, Marriages 1943-1951, Marriages 1951-1963; Marriages 1963-1975, Marriages 1975-1983, Marriages 1984-1989, Marriages 1989-1994 


Road scraper book 1893-1905, Record of highway survey 1800-1869 14 Feb 2019, Record of highway survey commissioners' minutes 1852-1904 

Justice St. John (civil) 1896-1903; Douglas (criminal) 1908-1913; Stoll (children's court) 1915; Randolf (civil) 1928-1929; Justice Nielsen (criminal) 1969-1982; (civil) 1970-1979; (small claims) 1976-1984; (civil) 1979-1985; Justice Nielson (small claims) 1984-1988; (criminal) 1981-1989; Justice Keilman (criminal) 1974-1977; (civil) 1974-1977; (small claims) 1976-1977; Justice Hart (civil) 1962-1964; 1964-1965; 1964-1966; Justice Hart (civil) 1966-1967; 1971-1972; 1972-1973; Justice Dunn (civil) 1978-1984; (small claims) 1979-1981; (criminal (1979-1991; (small claims) 1981-1983; Justice Dunn (small claims) 1983-1984; 1984-1989; 1985-1987; 1987-1989; Justice Symonds (criminal) 1981-1983; 1989-1991 

School bills and apportionments 1856-1905; Supervisor's book of school district business 1872-1901; Survey of district #10 1899; John T, Andrews v Board of Education 1900; Orders and cancelled checks for teachers' salary 1906; miscellaneous district school records 1903-1928 

Account books 1876-1878; 1878-1883; 1879-1882; 1890-1891; Account books 1893-1895; 1901-1905; 1903-1904; 1904-1905; 1907-1921; Expenditure books 1882-1885; 1883-1884; 1886-1887; 1888-1889; Expenditure books 1899-1900; 1901-1903; 1905-1907 (2); 1907-1912; Cash books 1885-1886; 1887-1888; 1891-1893; 1899-1902; 1903-1905; 1912-1918; Cash books 1914-1921; 1918-1925; Reports, payment rolls and warrants 1896-1951; 1898-1928; 1899-1904; 1946-1948; 1948; 1951; 1952