[Vital records]

Marriage Record
by Abner Chase
of Milo, County of Yates
State of New York
Minister of the
Methodist Episcopal Church

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Marriage Record Commencing July 1829

Cyrus Miller to Miss Margaret Larzeleer

Sep 3 Alexander H Cole to Eliza Way

Oct 1st Maj. Johnathan Perry to Theoda Brown

Oct 4th Phelps Moultroup to Catharine Ward

Oct 19th Richard Francis to Lydia Wilkinson

Nov 1st Mr. Irving Sprague to Miss Furguson

Nov 11th William P Judd to Susannah Wood

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Marriage Record Continues

Nov 10th Stephen Chase to Cordelia Brown

Dec 27th Sylvester J Nichols to Susan Crane

Jan 7th 1830 Benjamin P Prosser aged 19 years, Farmer, to me
personally known, to Mary Jane Arnout, Spinstress, aged 17 years,
identified by the oath of David B. Prosser, to me personally known.
In presence of David B Prosser, Margaret Prosser and others, all of

Jan 16th John Coykendall, farmer, aged 25 years, to Susan K Baldwin,
spinstress, aged 18, both to me personally known. In presence of
Ichabod Baldwin, Daniel S. Chase and others, all of Milo

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1830 Feb 4th In Milo. Henry B Ferris, aged 22 years, farmer, to Dolly
Ann Townsend aged 23 years, spinstress, both of Jerusalem. Identified
by the oath of Benjamin P Prosser. In presence of Pamelia Chase,
Elizabeth Hunt and others of Milo

Married in Milo March 21st 1830. John L Mariner of Benton, school
teacher, aged 21 years, to Elizabeth C Raywalt of Milo Spinstress
aged 21 years. Both to me personally known. In presence of Peter
Raywalt, Samuel Heath and others of the town of Milo

Married in Milo April 8th 1830. Ludlow E Lapham Merchant of Penn Yan
aged 23 years to Miss Reliance W Townsend of the former place aged
17. Both to me personally known. In presence of Samuel Stevens,
Samuel Jones and others of Penn Yan

Married in Penn Yan April 19th 1830. Abel B Turrel Silversmith to me
personally known aged [ ]To Mrs Relief M Shay identified by the oath
of Eben[eze]r Brown. In presence of Eben[eze]r Brown, Hannah Brown
and others all of Penn Yan

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Marriage Record Continues

Married in Penn Yan May 13th 1830 Thomas J Pearce to Miss Susan M

Married in Milo May 24th 1830. Mr Stokey to Miss Perkins both of
Seneca, Ontario Co NY

Married in Benton June 19th. Mr Joseph H Beamount to Miss Ann Mariah

Married in Benton July 18th. Mr Samuel M Warner to Miss Evaline Chase

Married in Jerusalem August 12th. Mr Reuben Crawford to Miss Nancy M

Married in Sodus Sept 2. Mr James H Kellogg to Miss Mary Taylor

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Married in Geneva Sept 5th. Mr Odell Applebee to Miss Eliza Curtis

Married in Milo sep 9th. Mr Thomas T Brewer to Miss Rebeckah Smith

Married in Milo 14th Oct 1830. Mr Charles G Tuthill to Miss Elizabeth

Married in Benton Dec 26th 1830. Mr Samuel S Peckins to Miss Hannah

Married in Milo Feb 26th 1831. Mr William Vial of Elmira to Miss
Cynthia Baldwin of the former place

Married in Milo March 28th 1831. Nathaniel Finch to Clarinda Cornwell

Married in Palmyra March 31st 1831. Dr Samuel Moore to Mrs Ruth

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Marriage Record Continued

Married in Penn Yan April 28th 1831. Spencer Booth to Susan C Kidder

Married in Farmerville Sept 29. Mr Tichnor to Miss Kelley

Married in Hopewell Oct 23. Anson Clark to Lucy Nelson

Married in Milo Nov 3rd. Isaac Reeve to Ann F Arnold

Married in Milo. William Holden to Miss Eliza Nichols

Married in Milo Jan 17 1832. William L Way to Miss Rebeckah Alfred

Married in Jerusalem Aug 7 1832. Calvin S Coats to Miss Mary Jane

Married in Penn Yan Sept 2 1832. Mr [     ] Rice to Miss Osea Bruner

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Married in Canandaigua Sep 12 1832. Mr Erastus Page of Penn Yan to
Miss Adeline Gooding of the former place

Married in Penn Yan Oct 2 1832. Benjamin E Kidder to Miss Ann Brown

Married in Penn Yan Oct 10 1832. Samuel Ovenshire to Miss Sophia Bebee

Married in Benton Oct 14 1832. James Johnson to Sally Coleman

Married in Benton Oct 14 1832. Marcus Jackson to Mrs Usebe B Rosecrants

Married in Seneca Oct 24 1832. Mr Thos Stokey to Miss Dinah Cool

Married in Seneca March 28 1833. Daniel Coleman to Esther Ansley

Married in Penn Yan May 23 1833. Coleman Crawford to Miss Jane Frost

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Married in Potter Aug 31 1833. William R Craig to Miss Eliza Dyer

Married in Jerusalem Oct 11 1833. William S Purdy to Miss Sarah Dorman

Married in West Bloomfield March 9th 1834. Carlton Miller to Mary Ann Stimson

Married in Rochester May 1834. [     ] Marsh Esqr to Miss [     ]

Married in Caledonia Sep 1 1834. James B Sands to Miss Catharine Hills

Married in Milo Dec 18 1834. Darius A Ogden to Miss Judah A Lawrence

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Married in Benton Jan 11 1835. Erastus Lamprt to Susanah Catharine Horn

Married in Milo Jan 15 1835. David D Smith to Dolly Hall

Married in Bellona Jan 29. William McLean to Letty Page

Married in Milo May 14 1835. William A Miller to Patience Allen

Married in Starkey July 1 1835. Caleb Goundry to Electa P Hurd

Married in Milo March 1 1836. Charles Coleman to Mary Ann Seeley

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Married in Benton April 20 1836. Joshua P Coats of Manchester to Ruth R Scott of Benton

Married in Benton Dec 18 1836. Rev Friend Draper to Miss Amy Bateman

Married in Starkey Jan 1 1837. Rev John G Gulick to Miss Eliza Baker

Married in Wheeler Feb 5 1837. Loomis Bunce to Miss Mary Holmes, both
of Urbana

Married in Urbana April 23 1837. Edward Y Knapp to Emily O Hyde

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Married in Seneca Oct 12 1837. Mr George W Moore to Miss Mary Emery

Married in Milo Nov 9 1837. John Allen to Hannah Hollowell

Married in Seneca Jan 18 1838. George S Graves to Jane Page

Married in Bellona. Mr McCarney to Miss Electa Wood

Married in Benton June 5 1838. James Purdy to Harriet Pembroke

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Married in Benton Oct 1 1838. Peleg Gardner to Miss Nancy Havens

Married in Barrington Dec 24. Samuel C Hunt to Miss Elizabeth

Married in Milo Dec 31 1838. Lewis M Millard of Dundee to Hariett

Married in Milo Jan 17 1839. Homer W Dunn to Mary Ann Hunt

Married in Barrington Jan 24 1839. George R Castner to Julia Baker

Married in Starkey March 3rd 1839. Rev Edward Hotchkiss of the Main
Con. To Olive Sawyer

Married in Starkey March 4 1839. Judson M Hewson to Rhoda Ann

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Married in Benton May 9 1839. Levi Speelman to Mary Freeman

Married in Benton July 18 1839. Charles Cleaveland to Almira Payne

Married in Tyrone Aug 11 1839. Reuben Austin to Ruth Shattuck

Married in Penn Yan Aug 22 1839. David M Brown to Miss Sarah Eno

Married in Benton Nov 28 1839. Oliver H P Pembroke to Elizabeth Sands

Married in Seneca Dec 1 1839. Moses M Bulkley to Jane Perkins

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Married in Gorham Dec 8 1839. Michael Pearce Esqr aged 82 years, to
Mrs Mary Green, aged 67

Married in Middlesex Jan 5 1840. Chancy H Addams to Mrs Eunice Clarke

Married in Middlesex Jan 12 1840. Daniel Patten to Lucina Pearce

Married in Potter Jan 15 1840. Alvin Chamberlain to Hester J Warfield

Married in Potter April 16 1840. Jesse Furguson to Miss Laurey J

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Married in Benton June 3 1840. Lewis D Gage to Miss Abigail Pembroke

Married in Gorham July 4 1840. George Goss to Philena Wheeler

Married in Benton Jan 12 1841. George S Wheeler and Jane M Scott

Married in Jerusalem Jan 26 1841. Jesse Daines and Chloe P Stark

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Married in Benton Jan 28 1841. Harmon Briggs and Hannah Lester

Married in Benton Feb 20 1841. Norman W Briggs and Sarah Souls

Married in Benton April 18 1841. Samuel H Chapman and Fanny T Youngs

Married in Jerusalem Nov 11 1841. John Gelder and Hannah Cornell

Married at Benton Centre Dec 26 1841. Israel H Arnold and Susan Ann

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Married in Potter (Yatesville) Jan 2 1842. John Dains and Catharine

Married in Potter Feb 21 1842. Doct. Hiram U Reynolds and Huldah Voak

Married in Potter Feb 21 1842. Charles Bates and Mary Paine

Married in Penn Yan April 12 1843. George Deuel and Hannah J Slawson

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Married in Gorham April 19 1843. Benjamine H Buck and Miss Elsey Ann

Married in Jerusalem April 23 1843. George L Paine and Nancy Osgood

Married in Milo at my own house April 27 1843. Benjamine F Enos and
Rebeckah R Clark, both of Jerusalem

Married in Milo Sep 27 1843. Eben S Smith MD of Middlesex and Mary
Hunt of the former place

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Married in Bellona October 5 1843. John H Smith and Susan Armour

Married in Penn Yan Oct 19 1843. Ezra C Watrouse and Sarah

Married in Penn Yan Oct 24 1843. William M Patchin and Lydia M

Married in Penn Yan Sept 2 1844. Elisha Clark of Jerusalem and
Tryphena Delano of P.Yan

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Married in Vienna Ontario Co Sep 1844. James S Powel of Penn Yan and
Miss Mariah Easton also of Penn Yan

Married in Elmira Nov 3 1844. Benjamin F Herrick and Charlotte
Clymer. Both of Elmira

Married in Elmira Nov 22 1844. William H Bailey of Enfield and Sarah
E Congdon of Southport

Married in Elmira Feb 2 1845. Thomas McCarty and Betsey Tooker

Married in Elmira March 4 1845. George T Longwell of Rutland Pa and
Julia A Page of Elmira

[page 21]

Married in Elmira March 4 1845. Riar Andrus and Mary T Webster. Both
of Southport

Married in Elmira March 30 1845. Randal Webster Wells and Mary A

Married in Elmira July 4 1845. Alexander Milton Mapes and Eleanor E
Baker. Both of Southport

Married in Elmira July 30 1845. Austin M Bell and Mary G Atkins. Both
of Elmira

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Married in Elmira Sep 9 1845. John Eddy of Millford Otsego Co and
Sarah Meriah Clark of the former place

Married in Milo July 16 1846. Col John J Smith of Jerusalem and
Persis Mariner of Milo

Married in Penn Yan March 24 1847. Summers Banks of Benton and Lydia
Stewart of Penn Yan

Married in Milo Aug 22 1847. Isaac N Gage and Hellen A Quick both of

Married in Penn Yan Jan 23 1848. Warren C Vanness and Mariah Easling

[page 23]

Married in Penn Yan Sept 2 1848. Freeman G Wheeler to Catharine

Married in Penn Yan Oct 30 1848. Almond Beal and Martha A Smith. Both
of Jerusalem

Married in Milo Nov 29 1848. Rufus Allen and Mary Ann Spooner

Married in Penn Yan Dec 3rd 1849. Eli Sprague and Catharine Holloway.
Both of Potter

Married in Penn Yan Feb 9 1850. Steephen W Briggs to Ellen A
Shoemaker both of the Town of Potter

Married in Milo March 12 1850. George W Kellogg to Mary L Owen both
of Milo

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Married in Penn Yan Sep 2 1850. John Waddle to Hannah Williams. Both
of Penn Yan

Married in Penn Yan Oct 13 1850. Seth Mapes and Antonett Smith

Married in Penn Yan Oct 14 1850. Henry H Broat and Mrs Hannah Bennett

Married in Pulteney Oct 24 1850. Ephraim C Miller to Miss Hannah M

Married in Butler Wayne Co New York Nov 21 1850. John Wesley Benton
of Newark Wayne Co NY to Harriet A Roe of Butler Wayne Co NY

[page 25]

Married at Milo Centre Feb 4 1851. Josiah G Nichols and Susan Emma
Jones. Both of Milo

Married in Milo Feb 24 1851. Michael Cuming to Eleanor Hannah Shultz

Married in Penn Yan Oct 20th 1851. Richard Y Brown and Mary C Merritt.
Both of Jerusalem

Married in Penn Yan Nov 5 1851. Benoni Pearce of Duchess Co and Emma
E Stark of Penn Yan

[page 26]

Married in Milo December 10 1851. David B Aspell to Hellen R Way

Married in Penn Yan Dec 18 1851. David Taylor Junr and Catharine

Married in Potter Feb 11 1852. George B Spencer to Martha Elizabeth

Married in Jerusalem March 15th 1852. Henry Brown to Widow Elizabeth

Married in Penn Yan July 15 1852. John Searles to Sarah Newland

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Married in Milo Sep 3 1852. Miles V Bush to Miss Elizabeth M Shearman

Married in Penn Yan Sep 11 1852. Henry M Smith to Mrs Cynthia

Married in Penn Yan Sep 22 1852. Daniel Sutton and Mrs Menty Pierce.
Both of Benton

Married in Penn Yan Oct 3. Nicholas Turner and Miss Waty Ann Andrews.
Both of Potter

Married in Penn Yan Dec 16 1852. Isaac W Conklin of Jerusalem and
Nancy C Sperbeck of the same town

[page 28]

Married in Penn Yan January 6 1853. Shubael C Babcock of Penn Yan and
Rebeckah Gould of Milo

Married in Penn Yan Feb 8th 1853. John S Allen and Mary Jane Tooker

Married in Penn Yan March 19 1853. Mason Spink and Margaret E Wheaton

Married in Milo March 31 1853. Schuyler Sutherland of Seneca Falls
and Elizabeth H Hunt of Milo

Married in Milo Aug 16 1853. David M Hueston and Mrs Jennett Harris

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Married in Penn Yan Oct 17 1853. Amasa Griffith of Prattsburgh to
Pebe E Raymond of Benton

Married in Penn Yan Nov 2 1853. Barnet West and Hannah S Goodrich

Married in Penn Yan Nov 7 1853. William A Carr of Italy to Mary
Holliday of Jerusalem

Married in Penn Yan Dec 29 1853. George Barden and Ann Shoemaker both
of Penn Yan

Married in Penn Yan Jan 28 1854. Ezera M Head of Penn Yan to Mary
Jane Rogers of Jerusalem

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Married in Torrey March 23 1854. William Stark and Abbie K Hatmaker,
both of that Town